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Mandate driving test every 4 years

Elderly International drivers New incoming drivers Refresher for existing drivers

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Perhaps we need to revisit our education on driving. Many of use took our driving test many moons ago but have never been tested since. After so often DMV requires us to check our eyes why not implement a law to have a driving test. Rules of the road change new signs become unfamiliar so it makes sense. Now how does this help is as follows: the elderly are still on the road some who driving skills are excellent but with age we do lose our reflexes and time in reacting. So they past the driving test they can stay on the road. Should they not give them a window to return and attempt again (second failure) they must wait 6 months or whatever to attempt again. many have observed some elderly individuals who you question in your mind “should they still be driving?”. Now it may sound like a penalty but there are ways to get around still being elderly some have STS transporting or even Uber funds so they do not lose their independence. The international drivers are another concern, they think they still drive in their origin country. They don’t obey laws (ex: yields/ do not block intersections) We can weed out the weaker of the drivers by having their skills tested. Young drivers get nervous in driving. Driving test would give them reassurance and training to become safer drivers. All others on the road just need to refine skills of driving. Driving test needs revamp to put more educated drivers to follow the rules laws and be safe.


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Moreover, driving test you should even include competency in understanding vechicle technology, and mechanics to help all those behind the wheel. We have many drivers who have features (hands free) but have no idea how it works. This should be part of driver test and even demonstrate that you can use functions to there benefit while also not impairment of driving/distraction.
car manufacturers should add hands free in all vehicles to reduce the amount of texting and driving which has now top reason for fender benders and accidents.

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Hi Christopher, welcome and thanks for the post! Interesting thoughts. Not sure about the feasibility of changing driver test regulations for everybody - that seems like a larger undertaking than this project allows. But you do have some good points. Do you think there is potential to create or popularize vehicle safety training or easy-to-use training applications?
-Aly, community facilitator

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Vehicle safety training/application- for whom drivers or DMV personnel?
I don’t see why county or state legislators would not back this especially with all these companies in this city of tomorrow program - it is for the betterment of its citizens. Really I don’t know how else we can weed out drivers (the ones who should not be on the road) some sort of authority is needed for this to work. Everyone needs to renew their licenses either due to changes of address, name, expired, or as I said before when they tell you for eye examination.It would be at this time to let licensed driver come and do driving exam. my idea really is a fix but it needs to be a complete top to bottom (government involvement) to actually work. Our community should welcome such standards because it is an attempt to make our roads safe. We need educated people behind the wheel and in any structural setting of learning needs an authoritative presence to follow thru otherwise no one will care. That is one thing that has been lost in our city is caring for others (we are too caught up in our own lives to even consider someone else’s shoes) hence why we need a law or something for citizens to commit otherwise be held accountable.