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“Main”highways for east and west

Stop and think for a minute. Main reason there so much traffic is due to the fact there’s no actual main highway for east and west.

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Imagine if there was also a “main” highway for east and west? Instead of everyone taking the highway south or north to get off and drive east or west another 5-10 miles which cause traffic on the main roads, why not just build east and west highways. And I mean actual highways not what we have now. This will at least get rid of all the traffic heading east and west from taking the north or south. You can also raise the speed limit that’s helps as well. Not ones driving at 55 mph and if they are it’s causing traffic.

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Hi William, welcome and thanks so much for your post! I'm Aly, one of the community facilitators here. Since we are currently in the "explore" phase of the project, it would be really helpful if you could share more about your experience trying to get east and west in the city. Are you often trying to drive out in those directions and how is it usually? Any specific instances of difficulty/delay? Also, if you have any pictures of what you're referring to, please feel free to add these to your post. Thanks!