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Lighter Summer Traffic Hints at a Solution

Can we find a way to modify school related traffic?

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My favorite part of summer is how much better traffic is with kids out of school. It got me thinking, what if we could keep it this way all year? There has to be a better way to effectively transport kids to school without creating so much morning traffic.


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Hi Sue I completely agree. Traffic from long carpool lanes can cause miles of backed up cars. Zing has recently gotten an award for keeping kids safe while reducing traffic through the city of Miami Beach. Zing has been able to take more and more cars our of the carpool lanes by making roads more efficient through carpooling. We promise to continue to deliver on our goal which is to reduce school traffic at peak hours of school and work times.
We are also introducing soon a walk with me program where we will be able to have parents walking their kids and other kids to school to help families with multiple children and simply very little time between drop off at school and work starting. Stay tuned!

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