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make everyone get a driver's test all over again it's bad drivers that give us the bad traffic I'm a Miamian

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make everyone go to the DMV I own a ford 2013 focus best car ever please pay off my loan so I can get a new one!!!!


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Hi Jane Castro 

Thanks for your contribution. My name is Wilda, one of the community facilitators. We are currently in the EXPLORE phase of the challenge.

Could you share a recent experience of bad drivers you’ve encountered? Tell about a journey in which you experienced this.


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Hi Wilda! thanks for reading - Girl been born and raised in Miami since 1982 - Miami is an international country we have all types of people from all over the world so the majority don't have a license or insurance or get their license for Hialeah DMV and then it's just a mess - the majority of the bad drivers are just people who cause unnecessary traffic - example slowing down to watch an accident viewing - texting drivers - people that drive way to slow - unnecessary construction and people that can't drive around it - the majority is the unnecessary construction but it's just bad driving - the light is green and the first person at the light takes more than 5 seconds to go when it turns red - I can write a novel - though I do own a 2013 ford since 2012 and I am proud owner who wants her Ford credit to get paid off! thanks!

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1982 is also my year and I, too am a Miami native :) I hear so many stories about the Hialeah DMV but I think it's a Miami urban myth. Granted, I do believe drivers need to be educated because our traffic laws may be different from what they're used to. Driver education is a huge topic here on the platform. Also part of the education should include the dangers of texting and driving. Many teen drivers are at the highest risk for accidents and I feel they need more time to practice before getting a license.

What does your commute look like? Also, what areas do you notice the most traffic and when?