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Last Mile

Personal Contribution in my year without a car.

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I am a choice rider who in the last year has decided not to have a second vehicle in my household. My wife and I, live in a single-family residence with our three boys. I believe the lack of interest by choice riders to use mass transit lies in the issues related to the last mile. In Miami-Dade County, if you have to use your vehicle to get to transit you will not get out of your vehicle to utilize any other means of transportation. I say this because in using technology and the services of both bike, car and other share programs riders like myself could be incentivized to use transit more often. I mention this because I spend more thinking about how I am going to make it from the station to my house than I do on any other activity in my daily commute. If we had a technology platform that could both plan my trips daily and charge me for the trip similar to UBER/LYFT, I think you would get more riders like me who are thinking of dropping one of their vehicles if such a platform to execute our commutes and other transportation activities were in place. Moreover, if the government provided some incentive for those users who live within a mile of a transit station to utilize this service, I believe ridership would escalate in Miami-Dade. If someone wants to lower vehicle usage from what we see today, one driver per vehicle, to more of a share/transit community this possible solution for the combination of payment and planning of travel could be the solution to our traffic


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I totally agree when the weather permits or you are not all dressed up for work. Miami for about 6 months of the year tends to be hot and muggy. Making it a deterrent to choice riders from utilizing Transit if they are going to has to deal with the environment.

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