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Lack of Mass Transit

In a booming and growing metropolis, there is only one corridor (maybe 2) of public railway. How do we expect to not have issues?

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Miami dade country covers almost 2,000 square miles and all the public effective mass transit covers just one or two lines on the eastern edge. This map doesn't even show the entirety of inhabited areas.


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Hi @Luiz Lam  I'm Wilda, one of the facilitators on the platform. Firstly, thanks for uploading a picture. It makes it easy to keep track of the wonder ideas that are coming from you guys. Secondly, but more importantly, you make mention of something almost painfully obvious. Why hasn't MDT increased/expanded routes? Of the over 3 decades I've lived here, I could never understand why metrorails, trirails and metromover has only remained largely in downtown Miami. We are a growing city and many parts of it is densely populated like West Miami and South. It's really congested in that area especially on the 836 and there's no "elevated transportation" to keep people off the highways. I've found a map with the BIG PICTURE of MDT:

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