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Almost any city I travel to there are a number of jaywalkers that dart out in to the street.

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I'm not sure what the solution to jaywalkers is, but something needs to be done. If the lawbreaker is hit it will be the fault of the driver. It seems Fort Lauerdale, Dania and Miami are the worst. At least this problem keeps me from speeding.


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I think you are right that is why I think if we had walkovers on some of our busy roads it would be a big help.

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Walk-overs are expensive, but yes, at major intersections.
What about ziplines? Sounds crazy, but if a company would come in and backed with insurance, then maybe they can get people (mostly the young) across the street.

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Let’s not limit it to the young, and also think about risks. Zip lining may be overboard but walkways sound like a great way to get residents moving!

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