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Intelligent LED lighting applications, displays and software system integration, intelligent street light system is certified.

Make full use of information and communication technologies that provide intelligent responses to the various needs.

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The purpose behind Sansi's intelligent LED lighting applications is to make life on the road easier, safe and less stressful. We make full use of the information and communication technologies that we have and provide intelligent responses to the various needs of people's livelihood, environmental protection, using real time traffic density information.
Relying on the ability of LED street lights, displays and software system integration, Sansi's
intelligent street light system is certified by the National Lighting Test Centre and has been
recognized by China Illuminating Engineering Society as an internationally advanced system.

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Hi John Novar 

I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators of the platforms. I think your idea is really viable. I’m not sure if Miami has tried this yet or explored it.

Right now though, we are focused on the exploration phase of the challenge. “We want to understand what transportation issues and questions are most important to you and your community.

Please share with us your transportation experiences, issues, and knowledge of local context to inspire others and ground innovation in the needs and aspirations of your community.”

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Big problem in Miami Dade county is gridlock most of the day. I wish i could share some photos with you so that you could see.

Photo of Wilda Previl

What areas do you experience the gridlock? Have you tried alternative modes of transportation, say, for example, carpooling or public transportation? What was your experience like?

Photo of John Novar

US1 Northbound from 136th Street block most of the day very slow traveling. My alternative means of transportation is the metromover and MetroRail Metro Rail garages are usually full I am disabled and there are very few disabled parking places in these garages.

Sometimes I must be at appointments prior to 5 a.m. but the Metro Rail does not come in service until 5 a.m.

Photo of Wilda Previl

John Novar 

I know this area VERY well. My in-laws have a home right off 441 and 136th. Firstly, I like that it's a one-way: Opa-Locka and 136th are both one-way.

May I ask, do you use your personal vehicle to travel to your appointments? Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are great but can get costly. Do public transportation run at the times you need to be at appointments?

Photo of John Novar

The 136th Street is in the South part of Miami-Dade County near the falls. But yes I do use Uber and lift other means of transportation

Photo of Wilda Previl

My mistake. I thought you meant NW Miami-Dade. Apparently, there is a lot of congestion in the SW Miami area from Hialeah on South. I used to work at the Sunset AMC movie theaters. Thank God the train was accessible and I only worked p/t as I was in high school at the time.

Do you find it easier to use Uber and Lyft vs other means of transportation? Which mode of transportation works best for you and get you to your appointments on time?

Photo of John Novar

public transportation does not always run when I have appointments

Photo of Wilda Previl

John Novar 

I can ONLY imagine how difficult it must be not to have reliable transportation. We're glad to have you on the platform expressing REAL concerns for the residents of Miami. In less than 24 hours, we'll be heading into the next phase of The Challenge. Thank you for joining us and engaging.