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Inspire Well-Being in Miami (traffic solution)

It's no secret that Miami is overcrowded with disorganized, over populated foot, bike and car traffic. Watch the video for my proposal!

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Have you been to Saint Petersburg Florida? (1) There are many one-way streets to help the flow of traffic. (2) On 1st Ave N and 1st Ave S there are one-way designated bike lanes separate from traffic lanes and pedestrian side walks (see attached image) (3) The car lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks are all divided by medians and foliage. (4) There is a new elevated toll gateway expressway being constructed connecting Tampa and Saint Petersburg. In my opinion it is genius, especially if they construct it in a way that they are able to add levels in the future. My proposal: the higher the level, the more you pay, the less traffic there is. The lower the level, the less you pay, the more traffic there is. If you did this over all major highways and corridors, you would not only solve the traffic problems in Miami, but you would reduce the ground floor to local traffic. Making space for the suggestion proposed above, which are already in place in St. Pete. For more information on the elevated causeway visit: and for a video preview visit:

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Hi Tanya - I'm Katie, one of the community facilitators here. Well, that's a first for me, what a great video, flawless presentation etc! Thank you - a great mixture of experience and idea there. I have to say - since the project here isn't about major capital projects there is little hope that this project will be able to support your multi decker system, though it sounds like something from the future for sure. Give the How It Works page a read to find out more about the project and what we are aiming for in this community. Your experience cycling is very valuable at this stage if you could reply to this with a short comment noting where you bike, what it's like and your and other's modes of transport then you'll make it easy for us to collect this valuable insight. Thanks again for the video, I feel like I've met you now - so, nice to meet you.

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Hi Katie!

Thank you for your response. My personal experience is actually overwhelming. There are too many cars, too many people, and too much traffic. My bicycle is my main mode of transportation, and its really stressful because I am constantly having to look both ways, ring my bell, and announce myself to both cars and pedestrians. Many cars feel they always have the right of way even In crosswalks, and pedestrians simply aren’t paying attention. Online it looks like Miami has awesome bike lanes, but we don’t. “Bike lanes” for commuting are sidewalks that are shared by both bikes and pedestrians, so its hard to get through foot traffic. Uber is great, but be prepared to be patience b/c it takes a long time to get anywhere. Which is why I prefer to bike. There are rental scooters in our area (brand names Bird and Lime) that do really well here. They are easier to navigate around pedestrian traffic, compared to a bicycle. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to hear! Thank for supporting this conversation!!

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So many more scooters is a good proposal for this challenege!!??

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thanks very much for info - and Yes (re scooters) ! See Lori's post and give her a like or a comment.

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Sweetness! I just checked out her post and replied to both Lori and Wilda. Love Lori’s request for more bike and scooter rentals!

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And trolleys. Maybe more trolleys with bike racks that take you around town.

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Depends what your proposal is! - the 100K(or share of) is to run a pilot for a new business - or service or product.