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Improving Miami traffic through proper driver education and improvements in public transport.

Miami’s driver training/education/registration system is a joke and extremely easy. And must expand public transport system. Roundabouts too

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Even in the countries where you have the best drivers you’ll encounter traffic jams. Such is life when the world’s populations keeps increasing. Now in Miami’s case, as opposed to Finland as an example, we have a driver education/preparation system that is frankly a joke. A basic Drug and a alcohol course, easy little driving test and you have a license. Many come to Miami without ever really learning the rules of the road nor to we have a grip on their driving skills. My suggestion would be to revamp the driver education system and model it similar to that of Germany where they have the autobahn where you drive as fast as you want and yet they still have lower number of fatalities proportionally. Another good addititon to our roadways would be to implement roundabouts to increase the flown of traffic within cities. On top of that, Miami has a very inefficient public transport system. We need more buses , more routes for the metro rail system, more efficient trains where people would then be encouraged to leave their cars in favor of the benefits of using unlicensed transport(saves them from spending money on gas, depreciation from adding mileage on the cars, stress factor from sitting in traffic with the uneducated driver population in the city, among many other factors). Ultimately the solution really is to improve the driver education and preparation systems maybe implement some tactics used in countries like Germany and Finland. Then it’s just improving public transport.

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Great contribution Mario Magalhaes ! Hi! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here,
Great observation, let's look at the driver education, that is a key element for people to really start to drive safer and with more tolerance. Could you elaborate a little more on how do they do it in Finland or Germany please? or how do people who don't get a license in these countries mobilize themselves? we would really benefit from that inspiration!

Thanks for your contribution again!