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Improving Miami traffic in 3 steps

This short essay details three viable alternatives to improve the Miami traffic system, if applied together as part of a package.

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Miami has numerous qualities aside from its fantastic beaches and scenic views. However, the same cannot be said about its traffic system. A first step into solving this issue is citizen awareness, commonly done via educational campaigns, with the goal of unclogging highways that are today, overcapacity. A second step, a bit more radical, would be to establish a criterion for the use of vehicles. Say, for example, that vehicles whose plates end in even or odd numbers would have designated days to circulate on the streets. Those who need to use their vehicle outside these criteria could do so but would be subject to the payment of extra traffic tax. The third, and final step, would be to prioritize public transportation. This would reduce all existing express lanes to only one corridor, leaving the others exclusively for the use of public transportation. If these measures were to be applied together, the message transmitted to society would be that individual transportation cannot overlap with collective. We would have more buses, operating at a faster and more efficient rate, that would enjoy the benefits of navigating through exclusive corridors. Consequently, these buses would attract more and more commuters.

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Hi @Delio Cardoso 
Thank you for the essay. We appreciate your coming onto the platform and sharing with us. By the way, I'm Wilda, one of the facilitators on the platform and native of Miami. :) Let's dive into the first point you make about driver education. @Frank Rosales also mentions this in his post here:!
We are certainly a city of diverse residents and need to be sure we're educating the public how to SAFELY drive on the roads here.

Your step 2 and 3 are a little advanced for the stage we're in now, the EXPLORE phase, which is ending in a few a little over a week.

Don't forget to add a profile picture so that we can remember your posts. We have lots of residents on the platform who also have really great ideas about Miami's traffic challenges.