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Improving Miami-dade traffic and transportation

An excellent way of reducing traffic on the streets and highways would be an improvement to public transportation.

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I propose isolating lanes on both the expressways and the main roads (e.g. Biscayne Blvd) dedicated solely to metro buses; similar to that on US1 south of dadeland. This will ensure the flow of the buses and thus enticing others to ride the bus vs driving for various reasons; the sake of convenience, saving money, and reducing emissions. The real reason most choose to drive is due to the fact that the the buses currently are extremely unreliable and the speed of the commute is dependent on the amount of traffic encountered and on the driver’s ability to navigate their way through traffic. Both these factors could be eliminated by having a dedicated lane. After all, the majority of commuters are headed to the same locations, downtown/Brickell, coral gables, aventura all coming from north and south.


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Hi Marco, welcome and thanks for posting! Good points! I'm wondering - do you have experience riding the bus on the dedicated route along US1? If so, what is your experience with it usually like?
-Aly, community facilitator

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Hi Aly, the routes with the most benefit up and down US1 south are the 34 and 39 express routes for the obvious reason of having limited stops. The other routes although still great options for just regular daily public transport in order to reduce traffic may be bettered by too having more limited stops. The important thing would be to have the buses depart at specific times so that those riding know exactly when they must be there by. It’s extremely unreliable if a bus route is running early (although a great attribute) but also departs early which causes much confusion. Something along the lines of a schedule would have to be addressed vs just an estimated arrival/departure times that is hardly ever followed. But on the other hand, I suppose that if there were indeed dedicated bus lanes it would be much easier to follow a schedule since traffic wouldn’t be a delaying factor.

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Marco - good point about difficulty with the buses coming/departing early. Do you find that is happening often, at any specific time points?