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Improve access to rail and bus service

Driverless vehicles to transport individuals to main rail and bus stations.

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Except for those in close proximity and easy walking distance to metrorail and metrobus stations, access--for the most part, requires an additional mode of transit. This can include driving a vehicle and parking it at the station, having a friend or relative drop them off and pick them up, taking a cab or Uber/Lyft, or taking another bus to the station. A better method would be to implement a short distance pick-up system using an app on a hand-held device to connect initially with a driver occupied vehicle, and when the technology is fully developed, with electric driverless vehicles that can take passengers from where they reside to the main transportation centers. The cost for this system can be in the form of a small add-on to the transit pass, the sale of advertising space on and in the vehicle to help offset costs, and the use of tax dollars to benefit the community. This would make access to metrorail and metrobus easier and more convenient, help increase ridership along the main lines, encourage less use of private vehicles particularly for commuting, reduce traffic congestion, save on the extra cost of getting to the main transit lines, and contribute to a cleaner environment.


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Hey Harry S , Thanks for posting! This is Matteo, one of the Facilitators here.
I get what you are saying here, there is not an easy way to get to use the means of public transportation in the city, if they were easier to get to, more people would be in the position to use them.
Let's remember that we are in the exploration phase and we are not solving issues right now, but just uncovering experiences and pain points.

Please do tell us your experience in getting to one of the main hubs of public transportation, so we can really expand on your pain points and what you feel like as a citizen living here.

Thanks again for posting! Don't forget to add a profile picture and an image to your post to have a stellar one!

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Hi Matteo,

Thank you for your reply.

I am a little confused with the phases and the process for the City of Tomorrow Challenge. When you stated in your message... let's remember that we are in the exploration phase and we are not solving problems now... I didn't understand that.

I thought I had carefully read the instructions and understood the rules and procedures but apparently, that is not the case. As I recall, when in the "Explore" phase there were three options offered and the one in the middle, the one I chose, was "Inspire Innovation." I thought that meant to offer a solution to a problem. So, that is what I did. But based on your reply, that is not what I should have done.

So if you would be so kind, can you briefly review what I am supposed to do and when in order to participate in the City of Tomorrow Challenge. From what you state, I believe my previous post should NOT have been in the "Explore" phase but should have been part of the "Propose" phase. How can I make the change and continue expanding on that concept as well as offer other concepts that I have in mind?