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Identifying causes and protagonist will find those missing parts in the solutions to get more mobility & would be a great start in any City!

There are neuralgic protagonists : Number & classification of users, quality & number of means of transportation & the use of new technology

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We should start identifying items that cause lack of mobility within the perimeter of the city, then classify these and counting their impact. We also think an inventory of means of transportation, their capacity and obsolescence and its adaptability to new solutions together with a measurement of quantity of users and their necessities for its mobilization across the urban area would bring us better ideas on how to accomplish the goal and set up targets. The use of new technologies together with the internet and cybernetics applied to new means of transportation could bring a new era in the creation of a totally redesign City mobility system.


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Hi Pedro Castellano 

Your post is really well articulated. I'm Wilda, one of the community facilitators, by the way. We could certainly find solutions for our mobility troubles by embracing technology. Because we're in the EXPLORE phase of the challenge, we are looking for the problems. We could use fresh ideas like yours but before we do, can we first identify the problem areas?

1. What areas do you see, be it on your daily commute or otherwise, needing these kinds of solutions? What does traffic look like?

2. Don't forget to upload a picture of yourself so as your ideas go through the phases, we know exactly who to credit! :)

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Hi Wilda and thank you for your opinion about my comments
First of all I would like to apologize as my English is not as fluid and perfect as my Spanish but i promise to put all my best efforts to communicate my ideas.
1. I see that all city areas are necessitating full improvements to reach mobility goals, I can't enumerate all here but give you some big examples.
the whole city is dis-articulated which means that in a reasonable time we can't move from any point A to any point B within the city
The existing roads and urban layout with innumerable amount of physical obstacles (closed roads to traffic, dead ends, lakes and canals, tree and landscape layouts that has not been integrated into the mobility system make the circulation a headache. A future study and redesign of the whole existing and future urban space and layout would be necessary meanwhile in the beginning as I said identifying and solving those most neuralgic would a a good start. The means of transportation that we have despite being enough and being consistent to our development as a country of the first world are also dis-articulated and fail to motivate the citizen to make a rational and responsible use of them in their majority because they don't satisfy that basic need to transport or move people from one point of the city to another in a reasonable and practical period of time, The traffic in Miami is really a nightmare specially it doesn't provide a fast movement of vehicles and people. The public transportation system has failed to provide mobility and has also failed to make its use attractive.
I think my picture is already there let me know if this is still missing. Thank you.