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I used the Metrorail to travel from my home neighborhood to a movie theater in South Miami . The trains were running regularly. It was good.

A ride to a movie theater

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The Metrorail station is a long walk or a short ride by car from my home. I use the Golden Passport for seniors to ride without charge. Usually the trains run on a regular schedule. The trains are not crowded when I travel to the theater in the early afternoon but there are more riders on the way home and sometimes I have had to stand. I have not had an opportunity to ride on the new trains which are coming online but I have heard good reports about them. Sometimes the conductor is difficult to understand when he/she announces the stops, but since I am familiar with the route I know the station where I want to exit the train. Sometimes I take the train further south two stops when I want to get some items at the Trader Joe's store. It makes for a pleasant afternoon outing and I enjoy the ride.


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Hi Lawrence - I'm Katie - on of the community facilitators here. Welcome and big thanks for your post - what a great positive travel tale. I have a question, would you consider doing the same journey in the evening / night time, for an evening visit to the movies?

If you have any photos from this journey to go with this post, do upload, it will make your post stand out more.

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I don't usually go out in the evening, and if I do, I use my car. Public transportation schedules are not as frequent in the evening. Also, if I do go to the movies in the evening, it is often to places that take a long time to reach by public transportation and require making several changes so it is inconvenient.

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I wonder if this is another issue? Miami is a big world city, being able to access night life seems like a good idea for everyone. Anyway, thanks very much for answering my questions today!