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I think public transportation might need some tweaking.

I feel a little dumb for saying this, but I know I am not alone, public transportation is confusing to use. I think we need to simplify it.

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Using public transportation is always confusing for me, I always feel the need to call in order to figure out what buses I need to take to get where I am going. I do not know how we could simplify the process only that I am not the only one with this problem, so I would like for people to comment below with ideas on how we could using public transportation easier.


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Hi Leah, thanks so much for this post - I'm Katie one of the facilitators here. This is great information, and the sort of thing that this project may be able to help solve. Would you mind answering a few more questions: Do you travel by bus to commute to work - or are you only talking about unusual journeys? Do you own a car too? When you say call, you mean call the bus company - or some other source of info, and finally is it the information that's online which is confusing you, or printed timetables and routes? Thanks if you can drop back in and give us a little detail.
While I'm here - it wold also be great if you would update your profile with an image and city choice, and if you can make your post stand out by adding a photo that wold be great too. Thanks Leah, and nice to meet you!

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Hello, I travel by bus when I can not afford a cab to my destination and I find that I only take a cab to avoid using the bus because I find the whole process utterly confusing. I do not have a vehicle at the moment and I have never been great when it comes to direction but when you memorize your bus schedule and then it is changed it is really frustrating. Yes, I always call to access bus schedule information as I have never thought about looking it up online, maybe I will understand it better online and be able to study the streets, numbers and what not. One other issue is dealing with buses arriving early/ late, I would rather they arrive late because then I am there when they show up. I just think the bus system has come a long way, but could still use some tweaking.

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Also I have updated my profile with my information but how do I upload a photo for my profile?

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Go Into your profile - top right of any page - then follow links to edit profile. note - it does not appear right away in my experience - so do whatever it asks and wait five or ten minutes to see your photo appear. let me know if you need more help!