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Humans drivers: total comp tent for laws, safety, and the driver next to them.

#1. The problem in miami-dade county, fl is two fold, 80% of the problem is caused by drivers, 20% by traffic signage.

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Driving in Miami-Dade, Fl is a nightmare due to the lack of " Law enforcement " of traffic laws, drivers are not afraid of receiving a traffic citation because there are no consequences attached to the citation. ( there are over two hundred offices that deal with keeping a law breaker from going to court, face a judge, pay a penalty or receive points). They just call these places, pay a fee and go on their merry way to break the law again. There are a lot of foreigners here that never drove a vehicle before, and within a month of arrival they are out there driving without a legal drivers license without any knowledge of the law and no consequences. Then you have the drivers themselves, putting make up while the light is green, texting, talking, blocking a moving lane of traffic while---------- (you fill the blank). So as you can see you have your work cut out in Miami-Dade, Fl. Best of luck to Ford Motor Company in achieving success in your endeavor!.

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Hi George - I'm Katie - one of the facilitators here. You have put your case quite strongly - but you are not alone - I must have read 10 posts today about the quality of driving, and the many distractions.