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How we can fix the traffic issues in Miami

We are stuck in traffic every single day. it is taking away time from family and decreasing our quality of life. With my idea i want to help

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Miami traffic problems are due to a large influx of new residents that have migrated to south florida, easy to get car loans and affordable gas. public transit is a burden and would take up half a day to get to our destinations. and to add that hot humid temperatures dont make non car modes easier. no one want to wait 30,45 minutes for a bus only to experience the same traffic disadvantages that you would in a car. as of recent metrobus has cut and contracted out a lot of routes in order to save money because people simply arent riding anymore. and that’s across the country due to strong economic climate. also uber and lyft making getting to destinations much faster and its door to door service. if your unemployed you can generate income with your car with ride sharing which i believe have resulted in an overflow of uber and lyft drivers in south florida on top of the population raise and other factors. its adding so more time to our commute. With public transit being underfunded. I believe we can run efficient transit service and add more metrorail miles to our county if we can generate money from the sources causing to the issues. i think there should be a tax paid by uber and lyft. there should be a tax added to gasoline. there should be a tax added to garage parking and street parking. with the added money transit can add more service increments. create more efficient routes dedicated to our communities and the region can stop being so car dependent.

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Hi Everton, and thanks for posting here. I'm Katie, a facilitator here in the community. I welcome your outlining of the problems, all of which have come up elsewhere, but alas, you idea isn't really in scope for this project. Ford cannot help by this challenge to change legislation or get taxes implemented. We are working with the city in the background however, and all ideas will be kept. Take a look at the how it works page to see more about the challenge.

What we do need here is your individual experience of travel, into the city, around the city, across where you live - how do you travel and what are the pain points? Let me know, reply to this if you have time. Thanks!