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How to minimize traffic in Miami

Two story highways , like in New York. (Palmetto826) Extend the metrorail to Liberty City & even down to the Keys! Add Buses, Add Ferry

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Hello my name is Daniel Oneill . I am 29 year old elevator mechanic . I live in broward but work in Miami . For the past 10 years I have studied traffic patterns on i95 northbound from downtown Miami all the way into broward during rush hour . What I have found is that the right two lanes uasually tend to allow traffic to flow more than the left 2 lanes . I believe this is due to exit lanes where exiting motorists clear a path for people behind them . Also I believe this is due to the “rushers “ always trying to get in the “fast lanes” or left two lanes . The only times I see the right lanes obstructed is when a lane merger occurs or when motorists merge into traffic from an exit only lane cutting other off at the last possible second to get from the exit only back into traffic . I strongly believe that if one or two lanes were added to the right (only possible side ) and exit only lanes were removed there would be less people cutting others off at the end of those lanes . This would cause less sudden stopping thus allowing easier flow of traffic . Even if I do not win this contest (because this is all pretty obvious ) I would not mind working with Miami Dade county by documenting different lane speeds at different times of the day . I have always wanted to do that to determine the fastest route home via i95 . I hope someone can figure this problem out Because I know for a fact an easier drive will reduce stress and road rage . In turn this has a direct effect on reducing accidents , road rage , traffic our community’s wellbeing .

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