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How to improve traffic

One of the biggest problem, Florida, specially Miami has faced is traffic.

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I believe the reason Miami has so much traffic is mainly because of construction; it takes more than 6 months or more for construction to be done; meanwhile in Japan, construction can take less than a week... when it comes to fix a road. Also, another problem we, citizens encounter is the abundant of cars, maybe if we can creat more rail systems it could improve that. There’s too many crashes on the roads, and creates traffic as well; everyday when I drive, I always see another crash accident, wether it’s the weather or people driving crazy. We should build more metro, more trains. I also believe peopl should drive more bicycles; nowadays no one gets to enjoy our nature; riding bikes would be a great way to save and improve traffic. Build more sidewalks for pedestrians. Also create more road signs with lights. Maybe some fun events like national car free day. But out of all the key points I stated, construction needs to improve, more bike rides, more traffic signs, more rail systems like trains and metro rails, maybe develop more small cars, less space.

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Hi Lavida Esbella 

My name is Wilda, one of the common facilitators.

You touched on on a few points worth diving deeper into:

1. Many residents are mentioning more rail systems? Which areas do you think this would benefit the most? What area do you live in and what’s the primary mode of transportation there?

2. What is your current mode of transportation? Has that influenced your decision to take or not take public transportation?

3. Here on the platform, we’ve noticed many residents mention construction as a source of traffic jams. Here is a site that helps you search construction sites in Miami-Dade. I don’t know how much timing plays a factor but perhaps seeing each project’s timeline might help understand why it’s taking so long or at least who we can speak to about it:

This was a great post. Be sure to visit the “Share a recent journey” thread and tell us a specific story of what your commute is like!