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How to fix traffic issues in Miami

1. Turn US-1 from downtown to southland mall into a double-deck highway with limited exits. Use smart traffic lights everywhere.

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I drive about one hundred miles per day within Miami Dade County. I have many ideas to help alleviate traffic, but here are the best ones: 1. Incentivize people to carpool. It is sad to see how many 5 seat cars are sitting in traffic with only a driver inside. People respond to perks, like special parking garages or freebies or super gas discounts for particpating in carpooling. 2. Turn US-1 from Brickell to Southland Mall into a double decker expressway with limited exits, like the turnpike. This will seperate the long-coastal commuters from local traffic. People will happily pay a toll for this. 3. Install smart traffic lights at every intersection of the city. I cant tell you how wasteful it is to be sitting at a red light for minutes when nobody is coming through the intersection. Our intersections are not timed correctly, and do not take into account real time traffic. 4. Build a tunnel under the Miami River at Brickell Avenue. 5. Cut the amount of time wasted on road construction by hiring firms who will employ larger numbers of workers to get jobs done sooner and more efficiently.


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Hello Greg.

Some very good points. Especially number 3. Too many times I find myself sitting at a red light for 3 to 4 minutes at 5AM on the weekend. This is not only annoying, but very unsafe since it creates an easy robbery opportunity.

Thank you for including this in your recommendation.

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