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How to fix traffic forever. Como arreglar el trafico por siempre.

The best and most practical solutions will be Divergent diamond interchanges in highways to eliminate exit jams and Roundabouts in local Rds

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Divergent diamond interchanges in highways will eliminate exit or transfer traffic jams, it will keep vehicles at a higher speed overall improving flow. When one car stops it takes up to minutes for the last car in the line to stop or accelerate again. In local streets roundabouts will serve the same way by replacing 4 way stops. if somebody takes a stop it can cause a major accident, in a roundabout they are more likely to notice the intersection and at the vert least slow down to a safe non lethal speed in case of a crash.

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Hey Tony Cardoso ! Thanks for posting,
I am Matteo, one of the Facilitators here.
Just wanted to remind you that we are in the exploration phase right now, and later we will get to the solution phase.
Also, let's focus on the problems that go with this solution, why are highways not working? are they really not working? is this the real problem we are facing? or is there a bigger problem behind the highway infrastructural problem?
Thanks for sharing again!