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Highway Entrance Interval

We can close off certain entrance between the 12 mile radius of traffic, for certain amount time. Allowing less cars in and more out.

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Traffic usually last about 3/4 hours, so when heading North on i-95, there's 6 entrances between Downtown Miami to North Miami Beach. Every hour, starting from the most south, close that entrance for a certain period of time, which will force people to find effective alternative routes (i.e. SR 441/7th Ave, North Miami Ave or NE 2nd Ave) and end up going more North and closer to where traffic usually ends. Having a huge timer on the boom barrier, letting the driver know this exits is close for 15-20 mins, they can wait or go more north via alternative routes. Dispersing the traffic between roads, allows a equalizing of cars on I-95. What made me think of this, is when waiting in line for an attraction or restaurant. They control how much comes, but having intervals. People can stay or find an alternative when waiting, same can be applied for coming on the highway during traffic. Maybe also, create an app letting drivers know which entrance is close and show the countdown timer for each one, showing when it will open again. Color code (like Google maps traffic)on the highway to show which entrance is better to go to, all the while, heading north where traffic is ending.


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Hey Alicia Pierre ! I am Matteo, one of the Facilitators here.
Just wanted to remind you that we are not yet in the solution phase as we are still in the exploration phase, where we look at issues, problems, experiences and ways other places are solving these. So please do tell us about your issues, problems, experiences!
Thanks for posting!

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Oh Sorry Matteo, hopefully I can reply to answer that last statement. Some issues I have is really the congestion on the highway and even the expresslane that many are paying so much for. Even if you take public transit, they still us the same route that’s full of traffic. I live only 7 and a half miles aways from my job and it takes me an hour to get home on i95. There’s no other highway going north that begins so south east, so congestion on one highway is the killer.