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Highway Congestion Fix/Transportation

The contribution will help pave to world of tomorrow with less traffic and improved safety.

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1. Roundabouts: Roundabouts reduce death and serious injury by 90%. With roundabout cars naturally slow down to about 15 to 20 MPH. A single lane roundabout can handle about 1800 Vehicles per hour. Which is about the same as a 2 lane signaled intersection. With roundabouts you have a consistent flow of traffic without requiring to slow down. 2. Diverging diamond interchange: Diverging Diamond Interchange let’s more vehicles board into the highway on controlled lanes. They’re fundamentally more economical to construct than conventional intersection lanes. And they increase safety by reducing contact points for possible crashes. Timed signal lights on highways enterances. By adding a signal light that changes every 3-5 seconds the traffic intake can be limited and controlled by how many cars may entire the highway.

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Hi Ignacio, welcome and thanks for the post! You have quite a few ideas here, and it does seem like you share sentiments with many others about the highway congestion. If you had to pick, which of these ideas do you find the most compelling to focus on? Personally, I've seen the on/off ramp signal lights implemented in other cities (e.g. Portland) and they seem to work decently well...have you experienced a lot of difficulty merging onto specific Miami highways?
-Aly, community facilitator