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I think that if they truly want to help better traffic in miami they should probably have a car buyback/trade in program for people who have older ford cars. I believe that if people have cars, the cars with the newer safety features can reduce accidents. When people are swerving into another lane, if the car has auto adjust it will help keep the car centered, or if they veer off into another lane the car will make a beeping noise. Cars have automatic brakes now too. If someone in front of them stops the car can pick up the sudden change in speed of the car in front and come to a halt without having the people crash. Handsfree option for example, android connect, or apple car connect for the phones so drivers will keep there eyes on the road and be less distracted by the phone. Its not the road that needs to be changed its the features in the cars needing to be modified to accommadate the ones who pay attention while driving and the ones who don't

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Hi Staresha, welcome and thanks for your post! Interesting idea - can you tell us a little more about your experience with this? Do you notice that there are a lot of older cars on the Miami roads, or have you had trouble with a car that didn't have updated safety features?
This plan may be a bit outside of the scope of the project itself. Is there a smaller scale way we can to help with car safety? (Perhaps innovations with roadways or something?) Also, I noticed you completely filled out your profile - thanks for that, we appreciate it!
-Aly, community facilitator

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Hello, my pleasure.....My vehicle has a back up camera and can sense when someone or something comes too close when I am backing up. It can sense a hazard approaching from the front as well. It has heightend my awareness for any hazards that could arise around me; It is another set of eyes in a sense. We have a lot of older cars on the roads in Miami & they are not as reliable or safe like the newer cars. I have seen tires blow out on 18 wheelers and a car swerve out of the way only to get rear ended by the driver of a car in another lane who did not have enough reaction time to brake sufficiently to avoid the collision. While driving, hazards can surface at any time. If the driver who rear ended the driver in front of them, because of the sudden swerve into their lane had automatic brake feature built into there vehicle, or a buzzer that went off to brake, they may have been able to avoid such heavy collision or collision all together. The roads of miami have been there for decades. We have express lanes, and they have increased the size of highways and repaved some of the roads which needed repavement. The palmetto is a highway which is always backed up because road work is being done to it. Even with Traffic moving at a slow pace people still manage to get distacted and become a hazard for other drivers. Cars overheat, people pull over on the side of the road and you have drivers who are still accelerating and not paying attention to the road. Just a simple feature to tell a driver to brake could do so much to help the roadways be a better place. Putting reflectors closer together on the road ways can help keep drivers in there lanes. The noise made followed with the vibration the driver feels from crossing them could help keep them more centered in the proper lane. They moved the cones closer together on the 95 express lanes to prevent drivers from crossing in and out of express lanes. I dont see it happenining like it was before with the cones being moved closer. That can be the same for the road reflectors, the noise could also alert a driver who has dozed off at the wheel and they are not in the end lanes; It will further let them know it is time to pull over.

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Hi Staresha, sorry about the delay in getting back to you, but thank you so much about the detailed reply! Knowing more about specifics of problems you observe on the road and the specific areas is quite helpful. Do you find that drivers are more distracted during specific time points (i.e. high traffic because of boredom, or low traffic because they feel less need to pay attention)?