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From Stressful Traffic to Eagerness to Drive

I'm a daily driver in Miami, FL and have been living here my entire life. I'm twenty four years old so Iv'e seen the transition of traffic.

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Miami is a very popularized city and as time passes it's only getting more popular as one of the hot spots to live in, because of this fact traffic will only become a bigger issue since more people are choosing to live here. One issue i have noticed is the rush hour, a few years back there was only one time for rush hour which started at 5 pm and lasted about an hour and a half to two hours. Now there's rush hour starting at about 4:30 pm and another wave of traffic that starts at 6 pm and can last all the way up until 8 pm depending on what area in Miami. In my opinion a lot of people that don't know how to drive are given drivers licenses so one solution can be, being more strict on the driving test. Another solution can be businesses changing there hours of operation depending on there location so like that instead of multiple businesses closing at 5 Pm which sends out thousands of people at once causing traffic they change those hours by one to two hours which would definitely be a sacrifice many employees would be willing to endure if it means arriving home sooner. We can also lower rates for metro rails and public buses from little to no cost if it means encouraging people to use a service that's more beneficial to their pockets . Lastly, we should be mindful of the intersections that have more traffic and allow the lights to last a few moments longer to keep a steady flow of traffic.


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Changing hours of operation of businesses is ideal but probably will never take effect. Understanding and studying traffic lights, however, seems like something totally do-able and effective. I honestly think the solution is public transportation, making it more ride-able, they have to market it better, make it free for some years, have big auto companies invest in cities infrastructures or something.

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