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From homestead to doral

Every day my fiancé and I drive over 30 miles to get to work and then 30 miles back to home. We take the turnpike.

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Everyday we drive over 60 miles a day to make it from homestead to Doral. We have to take the turnpike which is jam packed with issues due to the constant merge and constant never ending construction. The turnpike by eureka is the first traffic jam due to making 4 lanes into 3 then again on 152nd st due to a horrible design that has drivers crossing 6 lanes to get to the 836 or the turnpike the next jam is on 120th with another merge for no reason then on 88th street merging 6 lanes again into 4 the next traffic jam is by bird which has drivers crossing over 4 lanes and finally by the exit on 87th ave with 6 lanes turning into 4. This is Im sure a common accurance with all Miami drivers. Get rid of the merges and just keep all the lanes the same


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How about water taxis for people who work near the water ?

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Hi Darion why not post this as a separate idea? Start Here Katie

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Dairon Mesa  Great idea! Start a post!

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