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Free Trolleys Are Awsome

My first time in Miami was met with a great trolley system

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My first trip to Miami was an interesting one. i was staying in Brickell and needed a SD card reader for my computer. I went out to the bus stop in front of my hotel and used gogle maps to determine the bus I needed. When the trolley showed up I got on. but it wasnt the right bus. When i was told it was free I started to get confused. Why is it free.? Because its going to take me somewhere i don't want to go? The driver and a few passengers could tell i was from out of town and asked me where I was going. I said Target. They argued among themselves for a few minutes about where the closest Target was and how their was Marshall's nearby where you can get good sneakers cheap. Turns out the Trolley was going to get close to the target after all. The Driver ensured me he would get me there. And he did.


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Hello James, what a great story!
I am Matteo, one of the Facilitaros in the Miami Challenge.
Let's dig a bit on your experience, how would you change the perception of free that you as a foreigner had? Do you think locals are having that problem too?

Please contribute to this idea if you are a local having the same perception or a different one and could build on top of this post!


I've seen the trolley, particularly this summer by the Culmer train station, and I literally didn't know it was free. I've lived my whole life in South Florida....To be honest I feel like I know more about the New York public transportation system and routes than I do Miami, and I've only been to NY one time....I've always assumed and expected Miami's public transportation to be really bad, and lo and behold it wasn' seems more so under utilized, and more than likely people like myself don't bother even using the apps or website because based on our assumptions we don't believe we'll find any conveniences offered. How Miami's public transportation is portrayed in media is very different from other places like NY, DC, etc, which contributes to the perception we have about what our city offers.

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Hello Whitney!
Thanks for sharing! I think you would be surprised by the number of new projects and initiatives the city is putting in place and the innovations that are happening in the city if you want, you can go to the weekly meeting to learn more about what is happening in our city!


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