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Fixing the merging and ramp issues on the turnpike and the 826 (palmetto)

Uniforming highway ramps to a specific side of the street will allow AI to easier read the road.

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Would also allow for smoother transitioning between streets running east/west and the highways because all drivers would now know what side the ramp is on regardless of what street they are on, so they would no longer try to go all the way across traffic to make it to the ramp. AND with entrances and exits each being on the right hand side of the road drivers would be able to smoothly transition from off highways onto east Nothing is going to solve Miami's traffic other than uniforming the highways and extending merge lanes distance that they reach.

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Hi Raul , I’m Katie, one of the facilitators here in this community - many thanks for posting here! We are very happy to hear specific issues like this. If you’d like to enter an idea in the Propose phase of the challenge your idea must be within the scope of the challenge, not any kind of large engineering project. Take a look at the How it Works page, linked in the main nav at the top too,
Please add a photo you’ve taken of the problem here, that would be great, and please update your profile with an image and city choice.