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Fixing Miami Bad Traffic.

Miami has the 7th worst traffic of any major metro area in America. The solution is pretty simple " Vehicle Rotation System".

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My idea about " Car License plate rotation", is pretty simple. During the week days, mostly, when the problem is rush hour traffic, the city should schedule license plates numbers that are allowed to travel based on the days and the last number of the license plates. For instance: On Mondays, cars with license plates ending in number 2 and 3 can circulate on that day from 6 am to 8 pm. On Tuesdays, cars with license plates ending in numbers 4 and 5 can circulate on that day from 6 am to 8 pm. Wednesday to Friday would run in a similar fashion. For those that cannot drive the cars, they could do "carpools" for go to work. Businesses could provide a form of flexible spending account that would reimburse employees when they leave their car at home, and either carpool or go to work with some other type of transportation like Lyft/Uber. Instead, the flexible spending could be used for public transportation. For those that disobey the law, the revenue to support the administration of the program, would come from traffic tickets. The only exceptions would be for emergency vehicles.

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Hey Giselle! Thanks for your post, I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Take a look at this post:
Similar to what you are saying.
Thanks for sharing nonetheless, continue the conversation there please.
But remember that we are in the exploration phase, where we need to share our observations, experiences or frustrations, not the solution just yet, as we are not in that phase just yet.