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faster travel

we travel to miami once a month and what would be great is a travel lane without traffic lights for quicker travel

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when traveling to miami it is a pleasant trip until inside city limits and we try to work it around rush hour and heavy traffic since our time there is limited due to our business, what would be awesome would be a separate lane like I-4 for faster traveling. this would take some doing as side traffic is an issue but that would be great for downtown or even limit cars and just biking after a certain point, park the car and take a bike.

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Hi Julie, welcome and thanks for your post! I wonder if a travel lane were to open up - what would stop other traffic from seeping in and bogging it down? Biking to your destination would be a great alternative! Is that something you occasionally do on your visits, or does something stop you? (E.g. lack of parking for your car, lack of bicycle lanes, etc.?)
-Aly, community facilitator