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Express bus routes and free or reduced-cost bus passes

Express bus routes and free or reduced-cost bus passes would encourage more people to use the Metrobus system.

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We need incentives to get people to leave their cars at home, and take the bus instead. I believe that more people would ride the bus if there were: 1) express routes that did not make so many unnecessary stops; 2) more frequent buses, that ran every half hour instead of just once an hour; and 3) free or low-cost bus passes for everyone. All of this could be paid for with the 1/2 penny sales tax we taxpayers have been paying since 2002. I live near the Metrobus 56 bus route and have sometimes taken it to my job in Coral Gables. I would like to take it more often, but the bus makes so many stops, it is actually quicker for me to drive (1 hour drive versus 1-1/2 hours on the bus). The bus travels a direct route down Miller Road to the University Metrorail Station. From there, it takes a circuitous route to Doctors Hospital and through some Coral Gables residential areas before finally getting back onto Ponce de Leon Boulevard and down Le Jeune Road to downtown Coral Gables. This circuitous part of the route adds at least 20 minutes to the trip, and I have rarely seen anyone use those stops. Why not have an Express bus, which removes that unnecessary part of the route? Then it would make sense for me to take the bus - I could get to work on time and would happily leave the driving to someone else. I'd save a fortune on gas as well as wear-and-tear on my car.


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Photo of Michelle Sebree

Hi, Matteo: Thank you for your comment on my post about buses. Yes -- I think more people would use Metrobus if: 1) there were express routes available that cut out unnecessary, time-consuming stops; 2) buses came around more often (say, every 1/2 hour); and 3) if reduced-cost or free passes were available to everyone. The bus fare is not expensive, but if the County really wants to get people to ride, free passes would definitely get people's attention. In Coral Gables, there is a free trolley system that is great. The trolleys come around about every 15 minutes; and there are no circuitous routes. They go only north and south on Ponce de Leon Boulevard. I use it a lot when I need to get around Coral Gables. I wish we had something like this in the County.

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