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Rather than waiting money on expanding roads that make more traffic during construction we should increase and improve our trains!!

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For decades commissioners have given ideas as to ways to improve the transit system yet for decades come with the same excuse on budget shortage, have conducted the same failed solution as to more roads. Building a faster more spread metrorail would be a good solution. The mayor said "less people are using the train than before though" yes from how horrible it is, yet you still have people with invalid licenses, elders, disabled people relying on it for daily commutes. If I want less people on the road the only way is to get them to use the transit system more but only way is to improve it. No will use or buy a horrible product thats why buisnesses upgrade. That's why the transit should upgrade. "But it's too expensive" yet we managed to without the blink of an eye agree to send billions on a baseball stadium and million dollar residencials. Along with a mall in brickell which practically no one uses from the expensive costs of it. It's a better long term investment than having to every 5 years more or less spend millions to upgrade the roads. Miami has one of the highest of people driving without a liscence because of how needed a car is here. Majority of misdemenours in Dade county is from driving without one or a suspended license. Improve the transit system and people will use it more. Plus the metrocard passes are a profit that go to the city. With more riders comes more profit.

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Hi Valeria, welcome and thanks for the post! You brought up some important points here, and it does seem like lots of others also feel that the car traffic has reached capacity. Do you personally get around by car? Can you tell us a bit about how that is for you? What about the metrorail?
Completely extending the metrorail may be a bit outside of the project scope at this time, but could you think of smaller scale improvements? Also, if you have any pictures of the traffic/metro please add it on as it tends to make your post more memorable!
-Aly, community facilitator