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Expand Metrorail now!

We desperately need east-west mass transit in this county. Currently, we only have north-south mass transit. It must be expanded!

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We need to have Metrorail expanded so that it covers east-west. It currently only runs north-south. It's a start, but so many people live in the western part of Dade County. We need a more efficient way to travel east! We can't depend on auto travel. We're quickly approaching total gridlock. We've got to get out of our cars and use mass transit, but Metrorail needs to be expanded so that it covers the east-west area!


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Check out how Miami's rail plans have evolved over time:

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Michelle Sebree, I couldn't agree more because traffic is such a problem in Miami-Dade County that the time has come for us to start moving people more efficiently. That'll force city leaders to start thinking more proactively instead of accommodating our car-obsessed culture.

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More development means more roads and more traffic. There must be a point where development ceases in order to preserve a quality of life for current residents. I know that won't happen.

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Hi Michelle, I'm Katie, one of the facilitators here in this community. Thanks so much for posting today. Can you share what an East West, or West East journey is like at the moment?

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Hi, Katie:
The East-West journey is terrible during the week. It is only ten miles from my home in Kendall to my job in Coral Gables, yet it takes me anywhere between 1 and one and half hours (worse during the school months, slightly better in summer). It shouldn't take that long. I can remember when it took 20 minutes, but that was 30 years ago. As houses continue to be built in the far western fringes of the county, the problem will only get worse. I really do think sometimes about moving to north Florida. I'm wasting far too much of my life sitting in traffic, and dealing with crazy drivers. I have little confidence that the county will ever step up and do anything. The 836 extension that they are proposing along the Urban Development Boundary is only going to make traffic worse -- then we're really going to see western development! More subdivisions = more cars.

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Thanks very much for replying Michelle. That is great information - at the moment in this phase we are dealing with finding out what really needs to be solved, or helped. Expanding Metrorail isn't in the scope for this challenge, (which is not to say it isn't a great idea!) it's too slow and far too expensive to emerge as an idea to go forward here. Knowing what the problems are will inspire, we hope, smart ideas to help to alleviate bad pinch points like this.

I would love to hear from others here if you agree with Michelle and have experienced the same.

Michelle, if you would consider editing the title of your post to East - West travel nightmare - or something like that I would love to collect other stories here.

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Hi, Katie:
Thank you for your reply. It makes me depressed when I see all the money the county throws away on widening 826, 836, etc. when it all could have been used on sustainable mass transit that would have solved our traffic nightmare! For some reason, the county seems to think that building and widening roads is the way to go, when it actually just creates the problem it is trying to solve. I remember when Coral Way and Bird Road were widened to three lanes. Did it lessen traffic? Unfortunately, no. It just meant a wider road with even more traffic! I guess my post could be retitled "East-West Gridlock." A former co-worker actually moved out of state, because it was taking her 2 hours each way to get to work from West Kendall.

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Hm.. I believe it is a well known phenomenon that increasing roads increases traffic (and apparently the opposite is true - you may find this interesting: .
The city are involved in these challenges, they want to help find solutions. Thanks for post name change, I'd really like to give this problem a high profile, if you can add an image, all the better.

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Hi, Katie:
Thank you for the link -- Coral Gables is actually doing this now, and it seems to be working! Unfortunately, Dade County is not as progressive. They really seem to think that the answer is to build more roads. Right now, the Mayor is actively pushing a western extension to the existing 836 expressway, which will cut through endangered wetlands. There is no way this will reduce traffic, rather, it will just encourage more western development (i.e. more traffic). The Mayor doesn't understand this. The issue is being heard by the County Commission on June 20. I am afraid they will approve it.