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Ever-expanding population, weather pattern changes, and constant construction lead to terrible traffic flow in the Magic City.

Our city needs to utilize existing technology to become safer, comforting, economical, efficient as well as be eco-friendly for all vehicles

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Miami is a city that is extremely spread out, has a history of reactive urban planning all while continuing to grow rapidly in population. The areas we can improve upon are in roadway construction, driving culture, weather patterns, and traffic flow design. To address our weather, we need to have roads that provide intelligent traffic flows where everything connects and communicates through a WIFI network at any given time. The roads should also be built with a water-absorbing material that lights up better at night to provide better traction and safer roads in wet conditions. We will need to separate and enforce dedicated lanes for commercial trucks, electric/autonomous vehicles and traditional vehicles.

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Hey Alex Seage ! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
I see your point, there is definetly not a plan of action to what urban planning concerns, and Miami is continuing to grow it's population.
Roadway construction plan is something harder to change as citizens, plus I think there problem lies deeper than that.
I like the next ones you propose, driver's education is key,
you can look at this post to add value to Mario Magalhaes 's  ideas:

I really like the weather patterns, this is something I have not read around here yet as well as traffic flow design.
What do you think are the biggest issues that people get affected when moving around the city due to the weather?
Could you eleborate a little more on the image and the wi-fi connected cars and roads please?
I like the idea of electric/autonomus vehicles exclusive lanes.

Thanks again for posting! Great post!