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Educate Foreign Drivers

Creating a campaign ad in different languages, educating the public on merging lanes, fast lanes, passing lanes, and turning signals.

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From personal experience driving most rush hours and different congested times. I think the biggest cause of traffic issues are things like people not using merging lanes properly, People traveling unsafely slow in a far left lane. Turning signals are non existent in driving, there is no working together in traffic rather a dog eat dog style of driving. I strongly believe with the culture in Miami, a strong TV campaign consisting of funny skits, commercials, in spanish/english where you show people how if we all work in unison following certain traffic rules ALWAYS, our traffic issue can seriously change. Following it up by getting police departments to monitor for turning signals, cars traveling to slow in left lanes, and distracted driving. Miami has the space and infrastructure for traffic to flow. We the public need to do some of work.

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Hi sully Rivas-Bonnelly 

My name is Wilda, and I am one of the community facilitators. I like your suggestion for Miami’s traffic woes. Because if it’s lovstion, we do get an influx of drivers from ALL of the Americas. We’re so lucky �� This also means we have many different people from different countries and different driving laws.

Matteo Cappelleti might have a bit of an opinion on this one as well. Do you belive traffic signs soften in Spanish could help?

Distracted driving is another issue all it’s own. Couldn’t drivers just tell officers they were using the phone for directions? We are becoming increasingly connected and rely on our devices for work and getting things done.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a profile pic to your account making it easy to remember who contributed awesome ideas like yours.