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Dynamic and Flexible Carpool Solution

Driving with a neighbor or co-worker or someone in your transit path to and from work can help reduce traffic, congestion & parking problems

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With the advent of industrialization and technological revolution while we have progressed in so many ways, we are dealing with limited infrastructure that we are trying to optimize to ensure in that process we don’t have a negative impact on Mother Earth. Parking lots are full, roads are congested and we are the catalysts. Together we can make a change. Everyone has to travel to get to work - just the mode of transport is varied. It’s not surprising that you and I are not alone in driving. There is a staggering 50+ Billion solo trips that take place in the United States alone and what’s even more interesting is that studies show traveling along has the lowest satisfaction score while driving with someone increases the satisfaction levels dramatically. Enter Scoop – the largest carpooling program in the country. Our mission is simple – bring commuters together in carpools they’ll love by partnering with their employers and communities all across the country. At the highest-level Carpoolers can schedule a separate morning and evening "ride or drive" to meet their flexible schedules. They select the time-slot for each trip before the cut-off say 9 pm the previous day for the morning commute and click request and that’s it. Scoop does everything else in the background to optimize the route, times and looks at various factors to make it as enjoyable for the fellow carpoolers.


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Hi Matteo, thanks for note.

Based on research more than 70% of commuters drive alone to work everyday and this not only causes an overwhelming amount of congestion on the road during peak hours, but it also adds to parking problems.

We've found that there are a few reasons why more people don't carpool. First, it is tough to find someone with the same commute schedule and on the same rout the same route to work. Second, most people just don't know what time they want to go home when they get to work in the morning. This makes it hard to commit to a long-term "traditional" carpool.

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