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Double-Decker Highways

With no more land available to build new highways, I see double-decker highways as a viable solution.

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With nowhere to build new highways, I see double-decker highways as a viable solution. Expensive and disruptive - yes, but necessary. I-95 and 826 would be my preference. Also, I-95 could be extended over US1 south.


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Hi Scott, I'm Katie - one of the community facilitators here. Thanks for posting today. Have a look at Michelle's post - she makes the point that more roads mean more traffic - I guess Miami (or anywhere) can't just forever have more cars on the road - there has to be a point where smart alternatives must be sought? (just being devil's advocate here...) Here's Michelle's - see what you think, maybe comment there?

If you have an image to use on this post that would be a good way to draw attention to it.

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More development means more roads and more traffic. There must be a point where development must cease in order to preserve a quality of life for current residents. I know that won't happen.

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Maybe you are heading towards getting up a policy group calling for change in planning law - no expansion without transportation or something? I'm just seeing if I can shape your thinking into something that could be in scope for this challenge? Keep tuning in anyway here, there will be some really smart alternatives to building more roads as we go through the challenge phases, maybe some of them will get your support.