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taking my mom to the doctor's in Miami is an all day event due to the traffic. It really adds a lot of stress

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Thelma - thanks very much for this post - I'm Katie - one of the Facilitators here. Which bit of the city do you live in- where 's your Mom, and where's the hospital -why does it take so long - where are you getting help up? Let me know a few details - this is the type of info we are looking for - there must be a thousand moms and dad's who's sons or daughters are taking them to hospital in the city every day - if someone can come up with something specifically to help that particular situation, that would help the overall traffic a bit too I guess. Thanks again!

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We live in Naples FL and she needed to go to Univ of Miami Hosp for some eye cancer treatments. As she's 88, you can imagine the toll it takes on her.

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I can, thanks for your reply.