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Daily Traffic Struggles

The things we deal with everyday on the road.

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For the past few years, Miami-Dade has populated a lot to start off. People are not driving with precaution, you see people taking stop signs, not yielding, or merging and the main factor right now, PHONES. Everyone is texting or talking on the phone and not driving. And this has increased accidents, traffic, and no respect to the driving laws that are stated to be followed. Driving has gotten so frustrating it gives road rage. I honestly wish it could go back to how it was years ago. Right now it seems as if they're just giving Licenses to anyone and not testing correctly, unfortunately that's how I feel and I'm sure many do as well. Also all the construction that goes on, that takes like 5 years to get finished needs to move faster, i.e. the turnpike is supposed to move quicker than the usual expressway, and now it takes long because of construction. And the fact that there's so many tolls everywhere people want to go locally and that causes more traffic. And nonetheless to mention, everyday I drive, I feel like I'm in risk because of the way people drive I go through at least 2 people about to crash into me or cause an accident wihtout being at fault and people will get mad at you and honk and argue, and I honestly am just driving to get to my destination in peace, safe and sound, and that is lacking a lot. I really hope something get resolved because our lives can be gone in 2 seconds.

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Luisa - thanks so much for posting - I'm Katie, one of the facilitation team here. This is a very good and honest post. You are not alone in noticing that driving is worse and getting scarier - lots of others have posted this - so thanks for adding to the evidence we are collecting here. Feeling at risk can't be good. Thanks again - it's all helpful - Please look around and comment on others posts if you have time - it might feel better if you can find others here who feel the same - maybe you can come up with an idea between you for the Propose phase.