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Crossing is Crux

The flow of traffic stops in every crossing. We need more U-turn lanes and roundabouts to keep traffic flowing.

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Full description Some cities in the US already have deployed roundabouts and had great success with them. They are a cheap and great solution for the crazy amount of cross-traffic in Miami. The real chalenge will be educating the uneducated drivers in Florida. People who don't sign to change lanes or cross several lanes at once. In the beginning, the roundabouts need to be well signed and with traffic officers along them to keep traffic flowing and educating people. Another measure is the U-turn lanes instead of crossing traffic. This would work like on-ramps on a highway enabling the traffic to flow and the vehicles to cross lanes to get to their exists.


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Hey Rodrigo H N Magalhaes ! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Great inspiration! let's adapt it to Miami, what issues do you see before this implementation?
You point out the driver's education as one, and transit enforcing .

Thanks again for sharing and what a great post! with a video and all to explain it!

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Hi Matteo.
Unfortunately, because nowadays people don't believe in science and sometimes even if all the facts are well documented, we need to show how the streets are working today, for at least 3 months. Record it, get all the data, and then present the alternative. Because this way they will agree that we need change.
My primary target would be in Downtown Miami. We need to implement ONE roundabout (RA) in ONE crossing and deploy all the structure (police, fire, ambulance and a lot of signs) all to show people that they really need to pay attention. After the first week, we'll only need the police to make sure all the rules are being followed (one "smart" person can ruin it all).
The law enforcement has to be done also with cameras, fines at first will work as warnings, no charges, but then with a huge penalty.
The real trick will be how to make people go through it, and that requires a redirection of the flow. The RA will work to redirect people around. Let's suppose all incoming traffic from I-95 goes to the RA. There they will be able to go right-direct-left without stopping.
The streets that follow must not have crossings. All traffic in a crossing must be diverted to the right lane or straight making the left turn impossible until they find a one-way street allowing them to go left.
This way the RA will be always flowing and if someone misses their entrance, they will need to go further to come back, just like in a highway.
I hope you can understand the explanation.
Feel free to contact me.

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Thanks Rodrigo! Let's look at the bigger issues, before jumping into conclusions, what are their pain points? why don't you give us some examples of how are you currently solving these problems? Imagine there is not yet a solution, what problems are you targeting with this solution? Why downtown?
THanks for your comments!