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Remote offices close to residential areas. Employees with desk jobs can choose to work from these facilities during peak traffic hours

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Employees can work remotely from a satellite office park that is close to home to avoid peak traffic hours. Then when traffic subsides they can commute to their office. They can also end their days there as well. This will not only recoup wasted time spent in traffic it will also decongest major highways for those that have to be hands on at their job.


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Hi Zak Mann 

Thanks so much for joining The Challenge. I'm Wilda, one of your community facilitators. I like this idea. I think it will go well in our innovation phase in a few weeks. Right now, Ford is looking to hear the specific traffic challenges Miami residents are facing. So question for you:

What is your primary mode of transportation?
what does your commute look like daily and the challenges you face?
What are your specific questions as they pertain to South Florida traffic?

Thanks for uploading a picture, by the way. With so many participants with engaging posts, having a profile picture makes it easy to remember you. :)

Talk to you soon!


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I have my own car and commute less than 2 miles to my office (one of the lucky ones) though I am often on the road visiting clients and try to organize my day around the reverse flow of traffic. Not everyone is as lucky as me and I want my clients to enter our meetings without the traffic chip on their shoulders.

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