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Cars running by date

Depending on the first letter / number of your lic. plate you are exclude one day. I.e: 0-1 Monday OFF A-E Monday OFF Excl. Comm. Veh

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My idea is that depending on the first letter or number of your license plate you are exclude one day. We only use those 5 weekdays and exclude those weekends that everybody can use their cars. I.e:0-1 Monday OFF 2-3 Tuesday OFF 4-5 Wednesday OFF 6-7 Thursday OFF 8-9 Friday OFF Also, we divide the 25 letters of the alphabet against 5 units/days that will be 5 letters. A-E Monday OFF F-J Tuesday OFF K-O Wednesday OFF P-T Thursday OFF U-Z Friday OFF Exclude all proven commercial vehicles.

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Hey John Hayes ! Thanks for your post, I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Take a look at this post:
Similar to what you are saying.
Thanks for sharing nonetheless, continue the conversation there.
But remember that we are in the exploration phase, where we need to share our observations, experiences or frustrations, not in the solution phase just yet.