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Bus-Only Lane on All Main Road

Buses would be great if not for the slow personal vehicles on narrow roads. Thus, bus-only lanes make the ultimate sense for public speed.

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***road=one way The hard part about this is roads with just two lanes, & the whole system. I believe that two lane roads wont be important over all, but idve to look at all the roads. Now, for reform of the whole system, you need consistent service, wherein the buses work like a metro--same hours for all & one route per road. Now, what we have is two routes on the same road or more routes & that is unhelpful, &, also, others without weekend service. In other words, the bus system needs to run like a metro system, with complete regularity, as if each road was a railway. Of course, we need better looking, better smelling buses, which we can get thru automatic air fresheners & more long buses like the new hybrids, wherein even more people. In fact, the metro is completely unnecessary. Now, it is true that at first cars may crash with buses, like what we see with the new Brightline trains, & the often deaths, but in the long term, less people will drive, crash, get fat, etc. Buses can be incredibly attractive, but, i repeat, bus-only lanes with a regularized route-per-road system alone achieves that. It is also important to market transit, & it makes me proud that it is already often done by the County, but we can do it more, especially when we have so much on the line, as climate change worsens & speeds. People like you, Ford, should also encourage purchase of light, compact cars, not behemoth metal boxes, great threats to public & pedestrian & biker's safety. Thank you much


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Photo of Yoandri Dominguez Garcia

Hi again! I think that there is a pattern here. You see, these richer neighborhoods tend to have a fancy mall. Doral Dolphin Mall, Kendall The Falls, Dadeland Dadeland, Sunset Sunset, Coconut Grove Cocowalk, Aventura Aventura, etc. So, to tie it to mobility, we can simply prioritize speedy access to these malls & reduce the parking lots. Parking lots serve only the locals & the workers. This is an unsightly waste. Many workers can simply go on bus, as many poorer others do. The tourists generally dont rent cars, but take taxis, shuttles, etc. If you reduce the parking lots, then you have space for communal areas of various designs, not unchanging scorching asphalt.

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