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Build new trains like the metro rail on congested avenues

build more metro rails on avenues such as 117, 107 & Krome going north and south. Instead of just on us1. We can interlock the city of Miami

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Miami is a grid. You either go North or south to get to where you need too. Unfortunately I’m guessing no one thought Miami would get so populated that we would have to start building so into the West almost by the Everglades. If we’re able to introduce public transportation by the way of trains just like the bright line or metro rail that’s on US1 on the west side of Miami going up and down the avenues. I’m sure people would use public transportation just like the other states in the US. Instead of building more roads which makes more congestion. Trains would be built above the roads allowing people the freedom to travel on the west side of Miami at a much faster pace. The bike idea created confusion as no one understood why a bunch of bikes were thrown to the side near primary roads and did not know how to use them. It’s too hot in Miami to bike anywhere especially if your going to work. Trains would be the safest bet. Less congested highways and more accessibility to public transportation.

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Hi Gloria - I'm Katie one of the facilitators here in this community - many thanks for your post and sorry it's taken a day or so to say so! Some great insight here about biking in the city - I'm glad you are thinking positively about people swapping cars for rail if they could - I'm reading so much about cars and roads and driving here - but I guess that's today - and City of Tomorrow Miami will have to be a different place.