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No single idea will make an immediate impact, however any chance of betterment can be extinguished by our local gov't officials.

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There have been many ideas thrown around over the last few years, we've even had multiple public transit summits at the county level (which have produced very little as far as action/change). In the propose phase I'll outline a 5 point plan that will provide cost effective alternatives to driving and alleviate traffic congestion simultaneously. They have to be implemented in their totality or they may not work to their maximum potential.

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Hi Eddie, my name is Guillermo Aranda.
I'm working on a idea, that can change at least 30% of the transit, daily, that's a huge change. And if this come real, it can be a solution worldwide.
Check the info, it's call ECORYDE
One idea is enough to make a huge change.
Best reggards,
Guillermo and Anabel.