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Boat ride sharing service, taking advantage of Miami's coasts and rivers

With 3D printing we can mass produce boats at low cost. Using waterways we can help the Miami population get to work in a pleasing manner.

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By creating a boat ride sharing service and downtown commuters, highway traffic can be reduced immensely. We sure can ask everyone to be part of a car ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft but that can definitely get pricey. If we get the East coast of Miami off the highways we can definitely help Miami citizens arrive to work on time and the East citizens can enjoy a nice view on their way to work or even get some work done on the way to downtown. The Miami River can also be taken as another route of travel for the service. To make this service possible the rider's experience must be taken into huge importance. The boats must be able to travel in rain and be readily available, meaning the service will require several boats. The riders must be able to have a better ride experience than that of their own car or of a car ride sharing service. If we empower individuals to get some work done prior to reaching their destination or coordinate tasks without the need to focus on the road we will have a more efficient population. The production of several boats can be manipulated with 3D printing. Low cost manufacturing will allow several boats to be produced in the USA and create jobs in Miami. This service will be great for Miami residents that are near a coast or a drive away from a coast. If the coast is too much of a hassle it might be better to drive using existing infrastructure. This service isn't just a ride but it empowers the riders with more time for their life.

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Hi iMarkett, I'm Katie, one of the community facilitators, love your vision here and it did occur to me already that you have a mighty big stretch of ocean and river. Before leaping into an idea here - and you will find this may be too big a project for this challenge and may need to be scaled down to fit - but lets explore why the ocean and river are currently NOT used for transportation - are there any reasons?