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Bikes and the Bike-Train System

Combining bikes and multimodality is the best use of space and resources to move the most amount of people with door-to-door accessibility

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Bicycle-train systems provide fast speed and extensive travel and bicycles provide the door to door access currently provided by automobiles and also provided by the infrastructure that supports automobile accessibility. As Miami is well aware, you can’t keep building roads and widening travel lanes, hence the quirky video from Portland on the concept of induced demand. When you build for cars you get cars. Then space even for buses or transit becomes a contested issue. Parking and free parking continues supporting this. With safe cycling infrastructure making cycling convenient and accessible, it should be able to alleviate Miami’s congestion by allowing an alternative to driving to multimodal hubs. In Amsterdam at any given moment 200 trains pass through the city. The stations create catchment areas that overlap and create a new trend of providing route choice for people accessing them by bicycle. The bicycle provides an easy mobility option to the bus/train station that moves more people efficiently. “The bicycle is traditionally mainly used as an access mode and mainly in conjunction with trains. Often, it is stated that the bike extends the catchment-area of public transport or multi-modal nodes, but its counterpart is true as well; multi-modal travel improves the business case for the bicycle.” Read further into how to apply the concept :


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I think cycling is good and healthy especially for the youngest, but any society has a majority of citizens who are not willing to use this means of transport. It could be combined and be useful, but first we have to solve the problem of motorized transport since it is the most convenient to transport large numbers of people in record time, which is the great need of a large urban area. Cycling would be a good alternative to reduce school buses by encouraging students capable of changing to this.

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