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Bike, Bus or Train

Unfortunately, lately the bike is quicker. Trying to ride a bus or train can run about an hour of your time or more. Need better service.

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You take the time to plan your weekly commute, but it seems like your the only one planning. The county has changed routes, removed routes and reduced the amount of buses and trains. How can we continue to use a system that does not work. How can decisions be made if you don't even use the system yourself to get from your home to work and return. Stop wasting money on tv ads and radio ads. Use the money provided to use the tracks that are already located around the county.. use what is out there to improve the system. We have railroad tracks that have been there for years, lets us them to bring the trains to our communities. Stop removing bus routes.. changing the name of a route is not the answer to making it show up on time. Mornings Rush hour and Afternoon Rush hour should be priority, yet the buses never show up or break down or just pass us by like if there weren't 20 people waiting. I don't understand we give and give with nothing in return. It people cannot do their jobs then maybe we should find people who will do it. Waiting each morning on the platform waiting for the train and their are 8-10 train operators just standing around laughing and taking while the rest of use are trying to get to work they don't care if the train comes or not they are already at work. Our employers tell us to use the transit system "Go Green", but yet we cannot get to work on time, because the county cannot get things right. Morning should be priority.

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Hi Annie, thanks for sharing! Sounds frustrating. Can you tell us a bit more about your daily commute? Do you usually bike because its faster, or do you still try the train? Which routes are you usually having problems with? Also, if you have any pictures of some of these things, please upload them to your post to help us visualize. Thanks!
-Aly, community facilitator