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Best idea to fix Miami’s bad traffic

To better resolve Miami's traffic, a better transportation access/transportation system to tourist and locals both land and water.

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For example, railways (underground, overland and light rail) that will transport millions of people daily. It should be a fast way of transportation and cheaper than Buses. More train stations, underground and overland lines. Buses for places that are not reachable by Trains and Railways. Minibuses for places that are not reachable by buses. Also, the taxis for general transportation. To make Miami traffic better,I think more options for transportation excluding cars will help. Also, that will make peoples daily lives more convenient to get to their destination the fastest/affordable and easiest way.

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Angelica - thank you very much for posting. I'm Katie, one of the facilitators here. In this explore phase we are asking for people's experiences of travelling - to build a foundation for the ideas to come. Large capital projects are not in scope for this challenge, see the How it Works page.
let us know how you get about - what are your pet travel hates, for example?